[Tagging] Tracks for moveable large objects

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Fri Nov 23 01:57:08 UTC 2018


Some radio telescopes are located on what could be called rail lines.

though these lines have to carry more localised weight and have a much 
larger track width.

For a photo see


Ideas for suitable tags for these 'rail lines'?

My first idea...

man_made=rail_line, width=* for the track width, length=* for the track 

At the moment I have tagged railway=rail and a note=not for trains.

See Way: 647916738


This same problem occurs for other large objects on rails..e.g. large 
cranes (thinking of one 250 ton crane on a dockside), possibly rocket 

So it is not just for radio telescopes.

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