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Sat Nov 24 01:47:17 UTC 2018


I was looking at the wiki for antennas


I made some additions to the definition and added some photos etc.

It is still rather sparse. I'd like to be able to further define what 
the antenna is.

Unfortunately on the German wiki there is the use of antenna:type .. 
with a confusing set of values.

(eg communication, special, parabolic_satellit, 
parabolic_satellit_uplink, radar)

These appear to be the use of the antenna.

Perhaps this could be antenna:use=radio/TV/radar/wifi/cell_phone

I don't think 'communication' is a good tag - any antenna performs the 
function of communication.

Similar for satellite (note last 'e' for British English), that might be 
all you can tell from the configuration and direction of the antenna but 
does not define its use.

Then the 'type' of antenna .. better described as antenna:configuration ?

Values could be monopole, dipole, yagi, dish ... yes dish will have sub 
tags for the feed system etc.

Broad thoughts?

Not after detail at this stage but antenna:type to others such as;



antenna:mode=tx/rx/2way for the direction of communication?

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