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Am Di., 2. Okt. 2018 um 03:17 Uhr schrieb Joseph Eisenberg <
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> It's not always necessary or possible to interpret the language of a brand
> name.


> But in this case I think we can say it's clearly an English brand name.
> "Spazio Italian Bistrot" isn't a real name, but a brand name, like KFC,
> IKEA, etc.

with the difference that it is just the name of a single restaurant in
Germany and not of a worldwide operating multinational company with
hundreds of shops.

> I suspect the less-common spelling of "Bistrot" is meant to make the brand
> more copyright-worthy

it is the prevailing spelling in French. Being a French word I would say it
is safe to assume that this part of the name is French.

> The placement of the adjective "Italian" is clearly English; An Italian or
> French speaker would have written "Bistro Italiano" or "Bistrot Italien".

yes, it is an English adjective, something that is not completely uncommon
for German and Italian business names though (it makes the place look more

> So I would add "name:en=Spazio Italian Bistrot" and "brand=Spazio Italian
> Bistrot" if there is more than one location.

I believe there is no doubt that "Spazio" is an italian noun, the word does
not exist in either French, German or English. I would probably not add
"Spazio Italian Bistrot" as an English name (at least not solely). Being in
Germany and having a word used in German (Bistrot) as self-declaring
feature-type I would rather see it as a German name with an anglicism in
the name, or alternatively as an Italian name (Spazio and Bistrot are
Italian). For me, this is a name and not a brand (may be additionally a
brand, but it is clearly the name of the restaurant).
The spelling "Bistrot" is used much more often in Italy and France than
"Bistro", it is used sometimes in Germany and England and it is hardly ever
used in the US and the rest of the UK (according to Google trends).

> For something like "IKEA" or "KFC", I would use "brand" as well:
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:brand

yes, clearly.

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