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yo paseopor yopaseopor at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 13:23:50 UTC 2018


Are you agree with the tag traffic_sign:direction=forward/backward?

If you are agree please change "automatically" all the
traffic_signs:forward/backward to the new
If you do that I would change all the presets, the styles and the kendzi3D
instructions for JOSM, Taginfo projects info and all the maps done with
these codes.

salut i senyals de trànsit (health and traffic signs)

On Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 12:45 AM Bryan Housel <bhousel at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Oct 1, 2018, at 5:23 PM, yo paseopor <yopaseopor at gmail.com> wrote:
>  > ^ This is the problem.  The wiki says we are supposed to do something
>> like `traffic_sign:forward=US:R1`, and we can't really do that. A preset
>> needs to be based on a "toplevel" tag like `traffic_sign=*` not
>> `traffic_sign:forward=*` or `traffic_sign:backward=*` (remember seamark?
>> many of their tags have this issue too, where they put a value in the key
>> part, and so we can’t turn it into a preset).
>  JOSM can do this change (when you change a way) as you can see on
> https://i.imgur.com/NnLpKWR.jpg
> iD will also do this change when reversing a way.  That’s not what my
> email is about.
>  If you read taginfo you can find for forward subtags
> https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/search?q=%3Aforward more than 800000
> nodes. If you read taginfo for backward
> https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/search?q=%3Abackward you can find more
> than 800000 nodes. Are you saying iD doesn't recognise all these tags with
> forward and backward subtags?
> Nope, not saying that at all.
>  I give you a solution: make two presets: one for traffic_sign:backward
> and other with the same values for traffic_sign:forward.
> That’s a bad solution, so instead we’re going to solve the problem of
> indicating traffic sign direction the same way it’s already solved for
> traffic signals.  `traffic_sign:direction=forward/backward` - simple.  I
> will even convert all the existing traffic signs tagged with
> `traffic_sign:forward` or `traffic_sign:backward` to work this way if you
> want.  It’s an unambiguous tag change.
> I wouldn't know how to explain to mappers when to use a “Traffic Sign” vs
> a “Forward Facing Traffic Sign” vs a “Backward Facing Traffic Sign” much
> less translating these concepts to dozens of different languages.
> Thanks, Bryan
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