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Traffic_sign is on a node beside of above a road. There where, it is.
This is the basis, the derivative is tagged on the road, as .......

The direction=* says, the facing direction of the sign/shield. Important: 
indicates the direction in which the law applies. This could be various. 
Depends on sign and undersign.
A combination of trafficsign and undersign is important, it indicates a 
combined rule, summarized in a value.
But there could be more trafficsigns on a node even a highway=street_lamp, 
the direction=* can not be used.
traffic_sign:1:direction=*  facing direction is used.

Then the derivated on the way.

This could be the whole way.

But also on a node of a way ( not the first and last node) like give_way.
The most directly derived tagging is tagging the traffic sign itself. First 
degree derived tagging.
Second degree tagging are the access tags.
If you have first degree tagging, the second degree could be controlled, if 
it is correct.
In the Netherlands we started to tag the traffic_sign on a cycleway, then 
knowing which vehicle key/value is needed
Now with overpass we can control if tagging is correct on the cycleway G11 
(mofa designated), G12a (mofa mofa designated), G13.
This way we get more qualitative data.

Then on a waynode. like give_way.
C6 traffic_sign. 
The working-out of the law, says, that goes into effect when you pass the 
shield at the front. And must be repeated after each crossing.
This traffic sign can stand on one side of the road.
If you come from the other side, there is no shield, drive in and you visit 
a house, a plot, or you decide to turn around, this is allowed by law.
This you could do, for example 10 meters from the back of the shield, turn 

This place is a like a give-way construction on a node., with access
traffic_sign:forward=NL:C6  (first derivated tagging, could used to control 
the other tags)

some use a 10 meters way to set the tags.

forward, indicates the direction of operation of the law in relation to the 
Openstreetmap drawing direction.

>> `traffic_sign:direction=forward/backward`
Here direction is facing direction on the sign.
And can not be used a working-out direction of the law.
traffic: forward= and traffic_sign:backward is correct.

I do not agree!

In combination with traffic_sign, direction can only be used  on separated 
node besides the road (or above), given the facing direction, there are 
signs with undersign with a left or right arrow, indicating in which 
direction the sign works,
then the facing direction must be correct, often this is 90 degrees on the 
driving direction, or on other side of a T junction.

If the traffic_sign (first degree derivated) is not tagged it is almost 
impossible to control tagging. With all combinations and undersigns.


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>> >  To keep things simple, we'll do the same thing for traffic signs:
>> `traffic_sign:direction=forward/backward`
> Please , for doing traffic_sign:direction is better to put direction=* 
> tag.
>> > I still highway=give_way and highway=stop with
>> direction=forward/backward (which is used by OsmAnd AFAIK).
> And what about the other traffic signs. Are they not important? Why don't 
> erase it...from the World if they are not important?

I don't map other signs, for most other signs I map the result on the
way (e.g. maxspeed sign, no overtaking). Why would I map the sign
separately ?
Give ways and stop signs are slightly different, because they usually
indicate a single place on the road where one has to stop. The result
of the sign is commonly mapped as a node, not as a tag on the way
(yes, I know there are cases where a relation might be needed).

So yes, for me the position of the other signs is not important. Feel
free to add them if you feel they are important.



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