[Tagging] Traffic sign direction tagging..

Marc Gemis marc.gemis at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 12:04:54 UTC 2018

>> >  To keep things simple, we'll do the same thing for traffic signs:
>> `traffic_sign:direction=forward/backward`
> Please , for doing traffic_sign:direction is better to put direction=* tag.
>> > I still highway=give_way and highway=stop with
>> direction=forward/backward (which is used by OsmAnd AFAIK).
> And what about the other traffic signs. Are they not important? Why don't erase it...from the World if they are not important?

I don't map other signs, for most other signs I map the result on the
way (e.g. maxspeed sign, no overtaking). Why would I map the sign
separately ?
Give ways and stop signs are slightly different, because they usually
indicate a single place on the road where one has to stop. The result
of the sign is commonly mapped as a node, not as a tag on the way
(yes, I know there are cases where a relation might be needed).

So yes, for me the position of the other signs is not important. Feel
free to add them if you feel they are important.



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