[Tagging] Default Language Format; language:default or default:language?

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 00:08:55 UTC 2018

>"in multilingual regions you will typically have a majority and
minorities. Aiming at the majority only would effectively result in a
single name in most multilingual areas "

Sorry, I don't mean "the majority language used in communication" or
anything like that, but "the language used for the majority of named
things"; eg the things we would put in name=*, destination=*, etc.. So in
Brussels, it's still reasonable to put two languages because the local
community uses both languages on street signs. In Morocco, I don't know how
many people actually speak French vs Arabic vs Berber, but the local OSM
community uses all 3 languages in names, so they could also choose to set
that as the default. I'm in favor of letting local communities deciding
what makes sense for their area, rather prescribing what should be done
based on a global rule.

There could also be situations with many languages and no clear majority of
> course, it wouldn’t matter if we say we put “significant” languages,
> according to what the locals think should go there as a default (just like
> the name tag). It is a delicate subject because we should strive to include
> minorities but also beware of trolls, and voting might not help in this
> context.

You're right, I'm particularly interested in representing local languages
properly. As a "do-ocracy" without any particular protections for minority
viewpoints, OpenStreetMap is succeptible to the tyranny of the majority.
Unfortunately this isn't something that can be fixed by one new tag.

> What about locally common formats to separate different languages in
>> (multilingual) names, shall we have a different tag for this?
> Sorry? Do you mean, should we have a tag that says "use a slash /" or "use
> a dash -" to separate two names?
> yes, for example, but also in which order to put them

Maybe this would make sense? But I'm not sure how to design such a tag. Any
ideas? For order of display, the order the language codes are entered might
be enough.
My understanding is that it's best to propose just one new tag at a time,
but we could add such a tag next month, if this proposal is approved. I
would also like to add 2 other tags for official languages for other local
languages, but these are all secondary issues.

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