[Tagging] iD Editor - unclear translations ( QA ) - 2018Oct

Imre Samu pella.samu at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 21:00:49 UTC 2018

I have created an experimental QA report about the same/unclear
and now about ~450 unclear translations pair detected.
 ( same translations AND different osm keys! )

if you know any language - please check!    ( discuss in your local osm
list! )

Current status ( you can edit the "C" column  - if you fixed )


presetKey =  tags0+tags1+tags2 + ... tags4
If you want to understand iD Editor presets
*  https://github.com/openstreetmap/iD/blob/master/data/presets/README.md
this is related to: https://github.com/openstreetmap/iD/issues/5323


hr Fakultetsko zemljište College Grounds amenity/college
hr Fakultetsko zemljište University Grounds amenity/university
hr Groblje Cemetery landuse/cemetery
hr Groblje Graveyard amenity/grave_yard
hr Knjižara Book Store shop/books
hr Knjižara Stationery Store shop/stationery
hr Krojač Tailor shop/tailor
hr Krojač Dressmaker craft/dressmaker
hr Odmorište Rest Area highway/rest_area
hr Odmorište Service Area highway/services
hr Travnjak Grassland natural/grassland
hr Travnjak Grass landuse/grass
hr Uspornik Speed Bump traffic_calming/bump
hr Uspornik Speed Hump traffic_calming/hump
hr Vinarija Wine Shop shop/wine
hr Vinarija Winery craft/winery
hr Zgrada fakulteta College Building building/college
hr Zgrada fakulteta University Building building/university


it Campo da bocce Bowling Green leisure/pitch/bowls
it Campo da bocce Boules/Bocce Court leisure/pitch/boules
it Campo da gioco Sport Pitch leisure/pitch
it Campo da gioco Recreation Ground landuse/recreation_ground
it Capanno Shed building/shed
it Capanno Hut building/hut
it Cimitero Graveyard amenity/grave_yard
it Cimitero Cemetery landuse/cemetery
it Dormitorio Dormitory building/dormitory
it Dormitorio Homeless Shelter amenity/social_facility/homeless_shelter
it Foresta Wood natural/wood
it Foresta Forest landuse/forest
it Fotografo Photographer craft/photographer
it Fotografo Photography Store shop/photo
it Garage Garage building/garage
it Garage Garages building/garages
it Girello Play Roundabout playground/roundabout
it Girello Basket Spinner playground/basket_spinner
it Lavanderia Dry Cleaner shop/dry_cleaning
it Lavanderia Laundry shop/laundry
it Negozio Shop shop
it Negozio Retail Building building/retail
it Negozio di elettronica Electronics Store shop/electronics
it Negozio di elettronica Radio/Electronic Component Store
it Sartoria Dressmaker craft/dressmaker
it Sartoria Tailor shop/tailor
it Scivolo Slide playground/slide
it Scivolo Water Slide attraction/water_slide
it Serra Greenhouse Horticulture landuse/greenhouse_horticulture
it Serra Greenhouse building/greenhouse
it Stadio Stadium leisure/stadium
it Stadio Stadium Building building/stadium
it Teleferica Goods Aerialway aerialway/goods
it Teleferica Zip Wire playground/zipwire
it Tombino Manhole manhole
it Tombino Storm Drain manhole/drain
it Vivaio Garden Center shop/garden_centre
it Vivaio Plant Nursery landuse/plant_nursery

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