[Tagging] Greengrocer vs grocery vs shop=food?

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Tue Oct 9 21:12:22 UTC 2018

> On Oct 10, 2018, at 4:39 AM, bkil <bkil.hu+Aq at gmail.com> wrote:
> Why is shop=convenience not a proper tag for "the only retail building
> in 40 miles radius"?

Usually, the small retail shop in a very remote place is tailored to the daily needs of locals and tourists who do activities in that area. they stock goods that the locals need for daily life. 

There is one general store I know of 

Someone has tagged it as a convenience store. 

A convenience store is is convenient not only because of its proximity, relative to the larger supermarkets, but also because of the limited subset of goods. 

A general store is a store of necessity - there is no choice but it. It is the only practical choice unless you want to drive 2 hours round trip into "town" and get something at a supermarket. 

Perhaps this is bias: I grew up with 7-11s in suburban San Diego and would encounter general stores only when out in the mountains or deserts - they carry a very different mix of goods. You usually can't buy firewood, snow sleds, or video rental at a traditional 7-11. In Japan, you can find convenience stores serving very small communities in remote areas - but they carry similar goods to the ones in urban centers. They feel like convenience stores. Shop=general has some of the same goods as a convenience store - but other goods as well. Goods that cater to tourism activities in the area and locals who have no other practical choice. The "general store" you see in old western frontier towns is a good example. 

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