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Tue Oct 9 22:30:25 UTC 2018

On Tue, Oct 9, 2018 at 11:05 PM Fran├žois Lacombe <fl.infosreseaux at gmail.com>

> Feel free to make any comment.

I thought you'd agreed that "Central Office" was left-pond terminology and,
since OSM is
based on right-pond terminology, you'd use "Exchange" instead.  There are
several places in
the proposal (including a heading) that refer to "Central Office."

I'm also baffled by "A central office is a building, a part of a building
or in some countries a street cabinet which connect a subscriber's home
with the service provider devices."  I don't think of a street cabinet
near subscribers full of DSLAMS as being central or an office, nor is it an
exchange.  It's a street
cabinet acting as a distribution hub.  Please do not try to force every
small collection of equipment
into the "Central Office"/"Exchange" model.  Otherwise you'll end up having
to map fibre optic
repeaters as central offices or exchanges.  I think it's down to bad
editing, but maybe you do
want to think of street cabinets as central offices (I don't).

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