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Tue Oct 9 22:51:03 UTC 2018

Hi Paul,

Le mer. 10 oct. 2018 à 00:31, Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com> a écrit :

> I thought you'd agreed that "Central Office" was left-pond terminology
> and, since OSM is
> based on right-pond terminology, you'd use "Exchange" instead.  There are
> several places in
> the proposal (including a heading) that refer to "Central Office."

That's right, and the proposal has been updated to use the proper
terminology. Thanks.

> I'm also baffled by "A central office is a building, a part of a building
> or in some countries a street cabinet which connect a subscriber's home
> with the service provider devices."  I don't think of a street cabinet
> near subscribers full of DSLAMS as being central or an office, nor is it
> an exchange.  It's a street
> cabinet acting as a distribution hub.
It depends.
We can find the two possibilities and I don't write that all telecom
cabinets are actual telephone exchanges.

Such a cabinet :
hosts DSLAM, switches and WDM and is definitely an actual telephone
exchange in a street cabinet.
It's sometimes directly written on them: In France, NRA = Noeud de
Raccordement Abonnés = Subscribers connection node = Telephone exchange.
More here : https://lafibre.info/reseau-orange/nra-med/

Whereas this :
is a more simpler outdoor dslam *linked* to an actual and remote telephone
Then it's not a telecom exchange but a local loop component (distribution
hub, why not)

> Please do not try to force every small collection of equipment
> into the "Central Office"/"Exchange" model.
That's not my point nor my intention: I introduce telecom=service_device
for standalone dslams which are not in a proper telephone exchange.

Tagging proposal are here to provide consistent terminology to cover as
many cases as we can encounter on field.
Finding telecom networks data may be hard and this proposal is followed by
long term work to encourage telecom operators to open their network
Open data will be required to complete the map.

All the best

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