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> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Good_Practice#Document_your_custom-tags

I believe this paragraph needs some clarification, currently it reads “When you use tags yourself that aren't on map features, give other mappers a chance to understand (and maybe adopt) them by documenting them in the wiki.”

Yes, it is a good thing to document custom tags, but the question is where in the wiki should you put a tag that is not (yet) established.

Some tags work better than others, sometimes there are already alternative tagging methods established (and you might not be aware of it), simply adding a feature page for a tag which isn’t generally used, wasn’t discussed with the community and may be problematic is not a good idea. 

People also document tags on their user pages, and this is much better as the things are still searchable but there isn’t the risk of mistaking them for well established tags. Another way to make this clear is setting up a proposal page for documentation. A lot of tags have become established simply because there was a proposal and people were adopting it in their mapping (no formal voting).

Map feature pages are for the documentation of established tags, I hope we can agree on this?

IMHO we should clarify that documenting ad hoc tags in the wiki (link above) means either putting this documentation in your user space of the wiki, or in the proposal space.

What do you think?

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