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> On 10. Oct 2018, at 19:11, Marc Gemis <marc.gemis at gmail.com> wrote:
> When I read the Wikipedia text on the osm wiki,  it seems that you can consider a car rental place as a library. This does not match the definition of the Dutch word bibliotheek which restricts it to books and .  They can be in electronic form though.  I guess all languages the use a word derived from the same Greek origin will have the same meaning. 
> It would be very unnatural in those languages to say that something is a bibliotheek,  but you will only find toys and games. 

it is exactly the same situation with the word “library”, which is derived from Latin librarium (book case). It doesn’t matter, the creator of the new word was either ignorant or didn’t care, if this word is now established I would use it. Everybody knows libraries, so it apparently made sense to borrow from this established word for a similar concept (but different “product”).
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