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Viking viking81 at tin.it
Fri Oct 12 20:56:45 UTC 2018

Bkill, at least in Italy hydrants are strong enough that it is impossible to brake them using only its key and human force. Anyway, if you think this tag is usefull, ok, map it.
I'm sure that also in Hungary OSM could help firefighters if hydrants mapping will become capillar. We in Italy have our databases too, but OSM is updated by many users, so we can take advantage of this continuous update to check new hydrants.
Then, I personally inserted our local hydrant database in OSM, so that any firefighter (and any civilian too) with a smartphone can easily look for the nearest hydrant and navigate to it.

François, use the same tagging schema for hydrants and pipe valves is a good idea.

Bkill, at the same time, having a tag that corresponds to the plates is a good idea too.

Paul, you are right, both 1) and 2) have merits, so I ask here to the community which solution do it prefer.

In summary:

for solution 1) to minimize database, I propose
opening:direction = clockwise / anticlockwise

for solution 2) to do not have different sets of values that apply in different situations, I propose
turn_to_open = clockwise / anticlockwise

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