[Tagging] How to document my new feature?

Daniele Santini danysan95 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 11:08:37 UTC 2018

Hi, my proposal [1] has just been approved and I am trying to do the
cleanup as requested by the proposal process.
However I am stuck because I have a doubt on how to create the wiki page
for the new feature.
The approved proposal introduces a series of new tags under the
assembly_point namespace (like assembly_point:fire=*,
assembly_point:tsunami=*, etc). I have 3 options:

- edit the existing emergency=assembly_point wiki page adding the new tags
(like has been done with name:<language>=* inside the name=* page)
- create a single new wiki page to describe them all
- create a new wiki page for each new tag (like has been done with
addr:<detail>=* inside the Key:addr page and in a page for each tag)

What should I do? If i choose the second option would the name
"Key:assembly_point" be ok?

Daniele Santini
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