[Tagging] Upcoming removal of power=station and power=sub_station in the standard style

Mark Wagner mark+osm at carnildo.com
Tue Oct 23 09:50:17 UTC 2018

On Tue, 23 Oct 2018 10:27:01 +1100
Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 23/10/18 05:04, Yves wrote:
> > Daniel, Mateusz and others: if nobody care to review those sub 
> > stations, this means they need care.
> > That's more a concern than an old tag in the DB.
> > You want them re tagged, then advertise for this and bring other 
> > people into this, like in 'build a community' .
> > Or do it automatically and let them rot.  
> If nobody cares then a simply auto edit. These same nobodies will not 
> care if any errors of the past get replicated into the future.
> Of the ones I have just reviewed, some 56 of them - 2 were potential 
> errors .. one looks to have been caused by an automatic edit that was 
> then incorrectly reverted .. not certain what happens there! There
> other looks to be a human error .. a turning circle and a substation
> on the same node?
> So about a 4% error rate if unchecked. It is a small sample size ..
> so an error rate of, say, 8% could be forecast?

4-8% seems about right.  Of the 29 "power=station" that I just checked,
two are probably substations, but might be small-scale generating
plants instead, while two didn't look like part of the power
infrastructure at all.  Since I couldn't tell from aerial imagery what
the correct tag was, I left all four at the clearly incorrect
"power=station" so that a future user could easily identify what needs


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