[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - (consulate)

Allan Mustard allan at mustard.net
Wed Oct 24 01:46:57 UTC 2018

One of the commenters has suggested an additional tag indicating what
services a consulate or embassy provides, and that is one option.  Not
all consulates or consular sections of embassies offer all visa types,
for example.  The existent service=* tag could possibly be used.  For
example, one could add to either a consulate or an embassy the tag
service=[citizen services; notarials; apostiles; immigrant visas;
non-immigrant visas].  Thoughts?

    > From: Colin Smale <colin.smale at xs4all.nl>

     > One further thought... There is also a big functional difference
    between an embassy and a consulate. The former is more
    government-oriented, whereas consulates provide services to
    individual citizens. I know this is a big generalisation, but I hope
    you will agree there is an important difference. BUT some embassies
    also provide consular services, and some don't - they might direct
    you to another address for your visa or whatever. If we tag
    embassies and consulates distinctly, how do we add a secondary tag
    to an embassy to indicate whether they do consular work or not?

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