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On Thu, 25 Oct 2018 at 09:41, Joseph Eisenberg <joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com>

> 1. Multipurpose tower still seems a little ambiguous to me. Observation
> tower is closer for most of them, because they are big enough to have
> elevators and public observation decks, right?

Multipurpose certainly isn't ideal, but was the best thing I could come up
with! :-) Most of them do indeed have observation decks, restaurants & so
on, but they're usually also festooned with antennae.

> Since there are already tags for tower:type=observation and
> tower:type=communications, perhaps there is no need for
> man_made=communications_tower?

Quite possibly, especially as it's horribly misused, but, as someone said
earlier in the discussion, they do render differently to other towers, show
up on the map fairly early, & make fantastic landmarks.

2. In rendering style sheets it is possible to set the zoom level, the size
> of the icon and the presence of the name label based on height. For example:
> height>100 renders at z13,
> height>50 at z14,
> height>30 at z15,
> And if there is no height, at z17.
> So entering a numeric height value in meters provides the most data for
> database users, and the most flexibility for map renderers.

That's great, thanks.

> It can be challenging to measure the height of a 100m tall tower, but an
> individual can use a meter stick, a gps and trigonometry to check the
> height in person. Often the height is on a sign for big towers. Armchair
> mappers may be out of luck, unless the sun casts long shadows on the aerial
> imagery, but there are many things that cannot be mapped from one’s
> armchair.

Indeed it can be. A lot of the big ones will be listed somewhere on the
internet - the really big ones have their heights listed on that wiki page
I mentioned earlier, & I don't suppose it *really* matters if someone lists
a tower as being 100m when it's really only 80!


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