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> 1. Multipurpose tower still seems a little ambiguous to me. Observation
> tower is closer for most of them, because they are big enough to have
> elevators and public observation decks, right?

+1. If there is an accessible observation deck, I would see them as
look-out towers, not sure if "observation tower" is the right term for
these, might be confused with things like wildlife observation towers, but
I may be misguided.

> 2. In rendering style sheets it is possible to set the zoom level, the
> size of the icon and the presence of the name label based on height. For
> example:
> height>100 renders at z13,
> height>50 at z14,
> height>30 at z15,
> And if there is no height, at z17.

Are the rules taking different units into account, or do you have to map
these in meters? Are explicit units in meters working (like height="123 m")?

> It can be challenging to measure the height of a 100m tall tower, but an
> individual can use a meter stick, a gps and trigonometry to check the
> height in person.

Phones nowadays provide more or less precise apps for the estimation of
heights (e.g. with AR), but for almost any significant tower you will also
find precise documentation about their height.

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