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On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 9:57 AM Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>

> +1. If there is an accessible observation deck, I would see them as
> look-out towers, not sure if "observation tower" is the right term for
> these, might be confused with things like wildlife observation towers, but
> I may be misguided.

Where, in your (or anybody else's) scheme of things does the BT Tower fit?

Its primary purpose was for microwave communications and replaced an
earlier steel lattice
mast (wikipedia calls it a tower but from the description it was a mast) on
the site.  It contained
office space, galleries, a souvenir shop and a rotating restaurant.  Due to
security concerns, public
access to the tower ceased in 1981.

Until somebody brought up similar towers in France and Germany several days
ago I struggled to
see what purpose the current mast/tower distinctions served.  After that
point I thought of the BT
tower and understood the distinction.

Given that public access to the BT tower has ceased, is it now a mast?  I
think not. :)  But I do think it
needs some sort of tagging to distinguish it from the likes of
(even though it is sometimes referred to locally as "The Big Tower").

And then there are oversized lamp-posts for mobile phones.  And there's an
ordinary telephone
pole near me, with wired connections to surrounding houses, which also has
two crowns of
flat plate antennae for mobiles.  And I've seen a couple of strange-looking
small antennae in my
local town that might be GSM or might be part of the current UK emergency
services network.  Oh,
and there's a radio ham near me with a Versatower (or similar) laden with

Maybe we need to collectively create a collection of images of various
types of antenna systems
(excluding domestic TV aerials) so that we can figure out how to tag them

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