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>> I am working on rendering man_made=telescopes, starting with
>> telescope:type=radio. Next will be telescope:type=optical.
> I do hope that telescope:type=audio (or accoustic, your choice) is on your
> to-do list.  It would be
> nice to map these: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acoustic_mirror (there
> are still a few hanging
> around from WW II).
> These would be;
> disused:telescope:type=audio
> or possibly after all this time abandoned:

The wiki (or at least the bit I looked at some time ago) seems to state
that the difference between
disused and abandoned is how much effort would be required to bring it back
into operation.
Since these only need microphones and amplifiers to be restored to full
function, they're
disused, not abandoned (by that wiki definition).

At least one of these telescopes is a listed building:

More info at
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