[Tagging] Wastewater Plants

SelfishSeahorse selfishseahorse at gmail.com
Sat Oct 27 07:27:18 UTC 2018

On Fri, 26 Oct 2018 at 19:23, Clifford Snow <clifford at snowandsnow.us> wrote:
> For tagging, I'd to suggest the two tags.
> man_made=clarifier (used 28 times)
> man_made=digester (anaerobic used 3 times, including one misspelling)

Another idea i see is to extend the current tagging scheme with
landuse=basin (+ content=sewage) by creating new basin=* values
basin=clarifier and basin=digester. This would have the advantage that
no retagging is required and people that want to map the basins but
don't know their function can still map them.


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