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> Another idea i see is to extend the current tagging scheme with
> landuse=basin (+ content=sewage) by creating new basin=* values
> basin=clarifier and basin=digester. This would have the advantage that
> no retagging is required and people that want to map the basins but
> don't know their function can still map them.

It has the disadvantage that it doesn't make sense.  At least not to me, as
a native speaker of
British English (which is the normal language for defining OSM tags) and as
somebody who
doesn't work in sanitation.  Maybe a British sanitation engineer would use
basin or a non-British
speaker would use basin but I most definitely would not.

Firstly, I don't think of a settling tank or clarifier as a basin.  A
porcelain object for washing hands
in a bathroom is a basin and a geological depression in which water
collects is a basin, and a
man-made depression for holding water might be a basin but a clarifier
isn't.  I can see the
commonalities in all of those but a clarifier just isn't a basin.  Other
than bathroom porcelain,
a basin requires a depression in the ground.

Secondly, if you're going to apply landuse to a man-mad object rather than
to an area of ground
that holds a collection of man-made objects then instead of building=house
we should have
landuse=house.  We don't do things that way.

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