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On Sat, Oct 27, 2018 at 5:52 AM Allan Mustard <allan at mustard.net> wrote:

[Good stuff, almost all of which I agree with]

If we want to split hairs, we can point out that "embassy" is technically
> an incorrect term for any building since an "embassy" consists solely of
> people assigned to conduct diplomatic relations with a foreign government,
> both resident and non-resident.  The "chancery"
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chancery_(diplomacy) is the office building,
> complex, or office flat where the embassy operates.  I don't think we want
> to be quite that doctrinaire (office=chancery, anyone?) since "
> <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chancery_(diplomacy)istheofficebuilding,complex,orofficeflatwheretheembassyoperates.%C2%A0Idon'tthinkwewanttobequitethatdoctrinaire(office=chancery,anyone?)since>embassy"
> is the term in common if somewhat imprecise use for a building or campus
> where a diplomatic mission operates.

We have to walk a fine line between what is technically correct and the
expectations of mappers and
users.  So I'd go with "embassy" and clarify the situation in the wiki for
the benefit of pedants.  There
could be another ambassador out there mapping for OSM who might take
exception to that
decision without an explanation of the thinking behind it, and it's certain
this mailing list has many,
many pedants.

c) embassies and consulates are government offices, but there is a trend
> toward thinking office=diplomatic is a better choice than
> office=government; and
> d) the office=diplomatic tag in tandem with diplomatic=* would meet OSM
> guidelines and support more accurate mapping.

I 100% agree that office=diplomatic is better than office=government.  I'm
split on dropping office
entirely and using diplomatic as the main key.  The ambassador also sleeps
in his/her
residence and I think micromapping the building to distinguish between
office and non-office
functions is overkill.

If my sense of growing consensus is correct, I suggest that diplomatic=*
> would include only [embassy, consulate, non-diplomatic].

Perhaps, but I'd write the proposal to not insist absolutely that only
those three terms are
permissible because otherwise mappers end up with square peg/round hole
should the
unforeseen arise.  OTOH, you have a very thorough understanding of what
might arise, and I can
only guess, so maybe those three will always be adequate.  Except that, as
others have noted,
diplomatic=non-diplomatic is oxymoronic, and diplomatic=other would be

P.S.  Regarding the question posed overnight as to whether one may simply
> drop in on an ambassador's residence, any of you who are contributing
> substantively to this discussion are welcome to drop by my residence in
> Ashgabat any time you are in town :-)  Just please call ahead to make sure
> I'll be home.

If I'm ever in Ashgabat, I'll give you a call.  I consider the probability
of this happening similar to
the odds of me winning the jackpot on the lottery then getting hit by
lightning as I go to collect
the prize.  Especially as I have never bought a lottery ticket and never
will.  But strange things
happen, so I'll keep your offer in mind. :)

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