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> On 27. Oct 2018, at 06:50, Allan Mustard <allan at mustard.net> wrote:
> So here is where I sense we are 24 hours later, on Day 6:
> a) consulates are not embassies;
> b) neither embassies nor consulates are amenities;
> c) embassies and consulates are government offices, but there is a trend toward thinking office=diplomatic is a better choice than office=government; and
> d) the office=diplomatic tag in tandem with diplomatic=* would meet OSM guidelines and support more accurate mapping.
> If my sense of growing consensus is correct, I suggest that diplomatic=* would include only [embassy, consulate, non-diplomatic].

I am not an English native speaker, but from the dictionary reading I did not get the impression amenity is very far fetched for embassies, certainly less than for prisons.

From a data structure perspective, for certain applications (e.g. osm-carto) a “main” key must be present in order to have the object not filtered out during database import. As I believe embassies should be in our “standard set” of data, a main key is desirable.
I would see embassies as a good fit for osm amenity (indeed it is already there), they are different to other offices because of their particular status, and “office” is also not in the very core.

Cheers, Martin 
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