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Allan Mustard allan at mustard.net
Mon Oct 29 01:45:02 UTC 2018

Here are some rules of thumb:

* If it displays a sign reading "embassy", "high commission",
"nunciature", or "interests section", it is a safe bet that it should be
tagged "embassy".

* If the sending side has made loud public pronouncements and published
widely that its embassies are now called "people's bureaus" or some
other formulation, it can be safely tagged "embassy".

* If it has a sign on it that says "consulate", it is a consulate, and
the sign will specify what flavor of consulate.

After that it is safest to ask somebody at the institution in question
whether it is part of the embassy or consulate (like my American Center)
or not (like TIFA), though status can sometimes be divined by reading
the institution's website. If all else fails, check the host country's
diplomatic list and see if the chief of mission is on it.  If s/he is
not listed, the institution is not diplomatic (diplomatic=other).  If
s/he is listed but has a non-diplomatic title (e.g., "director" or
"coordinator" as opposed to "ambassador", "charge d'affaires",
"minister", "counselor", "first/second/third secretary", or "attache")
the mission is pretty clearly not under the VCDR (diplomatic=other). 
Here we walk a fine line.  TIFA is an agency of the Turkish government,
hence diplomatic=other.  American Councils, which operates our American
Corners in Turkmenistan, is an NGO operating under contract with the
U.S. government, so our American Corners are not diplomatic, but rather
NGO offices (office=ngo). Parsing all of this constitutes a good excuse
to recruit diplomats to OSM to help with mapping :-)

Two more examples and I'll stop--I can hear the eyes rolling all the way
from Ashgabat:

* The Apostolic Nunciature in Ashgabat is headed most of the time by a
charge d'affaires because the nuncio is resident in Ankara and only
visits periodically.  The charge d'affaires is nominally the "cultural
attache".  Since it is a nunciature, we know it is under the VCDR.

* The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Asian
Development Bank, and the United Nations missions in Ashgabat (there are
two) enjoy diplomatic status under the Bretton Woods arrangement (the
banks) and the UN Charter.  Technically that makes the EBRD and ADB
diplomatic missions, but we tag them as banks, not as embassies (under
the new construct we might however tag them diplomatic=other in addition
to tagging them as banks).  The lead UN Mission, in a new construct with
diplomatic=* as a primary tag, would be tagged diplomatic=other since
its head is called "resident coordinator" and the UN Mission is covered
by the UN Charter, not the VCDR. 

Would the lay person know all this?  Not until reading the wiki articles
we will need to compose if a primary diplomatic=* tag is adopted. 
Sometimes it is not completely obvious and you have to do a little

On 10/29/2018 3:08 AM, Graeme Fitzpatrick wrote:
> On Mon, 29 Oct 2018 at 02:32, Allan Mustard <allan at mustard.net
> <mailto:allan at mustard.net>> wrote:
>     * The USAID office is part of the American Embassy but is in a
>     separate office flat in a building across town, so would be a node
>     tagged diplomatic=embassy, embassy=assistance office. 
>     * The Turkish counterpart, TIFA, does not enjoy diplomatic status
>     so would be tagged diplomatic=other, other=assistance office.
>     * The Libyan Economic Cooperation Bureau would be
>     diplomatic=other, other=trade office because it is accorded
>     diplomatic status by bilateral agreement, not the VCDR (there is
>     no Libyan Embassy here). 
>     * The American Center would be a node in an office building tagged
>     diplomatic=embassy, embassy=cultural center, while the Iranian
>     Cultural Center would be a building with the same tags, since both
>     enjoy diplomatic status as sections of their respective embassies. 
>     * The Russian Consulate General has its own building and grounds
>     separate from the embassy, so would be an enclosed way tagged as
>     diplomatic=consulate, consulate=consulate general.   
> Thank you for a very detailed, very interesting post, Allan.
> One question, please.
> Is there any way that a layman such as myself would know that "The
> Libyan Economic Cooperation Bureau would be diplomatic=other,
> other=trade office because it is accorded diplomatic status by
> bilateral agreement, not the VCDR", or is this sort of thing only
> known to Govt / diplomatic staff?
> Thanks
> Graeme 

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