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Tue Oct 30 22:45:11 UTC 2018

On 31/10/18 04:46, Allan Mustard wrote:

> Not really dropping. More like reorganizing.


By combining Embassy with High Commission there is a decrease in 

> As someone who has spent hours puzzling over Maperitive's rendering 
> rules, deciding how to build them so that particular categories of 
> POIs will be rendered in specific ways, I am quite sensitive to the 
> need for consistency and a finite number of possible permutations 
> while also accommodating the need to cover every eventuality.  
> Hierarchies are designed for exactly that purpose.  After much back 
> and forth at this point I am proposing a hierarchy that I believe 
> meets all needs without being overly complex, and which will 
> accommodate the novice mapper (diplomatic=embassy, period) and the 
> advanced mapper (diplomatic=embassy, embassy=interests_section, 
> etc.).  And by the way, it is radically different from my original 
> proposal.
> diplomatic=* would become a top-level, primary tag.  It would have 
> three categories: embassy, consulate, other.  If the consensus is that 
> "other" sucks as an option I'm certainly open to other suggestions, 
> but we need something for diplomatic missions headed by neither an 
> ambassador/charge d'affaires (i.e., subject to the VCDR) nor a consul 
> (i.e., subject to the VCCR).
The VCDR does not mention embassy. It has 'mission' and 'consular' but 
no 'embassy', nor 'high commission' etc.

> Then the real fun begins.  As I have read through the various comments 
> and suggestions, it has occurred to me that the following hierarchy of 
> tags would potentially fill the bill:
> The three values/categories (embassy, consulate, other) would have 
> specific subcategories.  If you wanted to do a key search in overpass 
> turbo, it would still be possible. The subcategories would be
> * embassy=[embassy/yes, nunciature, high_commission, 
> interests_section, mission, delegation, branch_embassy]
> * consulate=[consulate/yes, consulate_general, consular_agency, 
> consular_office, honorary_consul]

The above 'consolidations' ... loose information.

If required that consolidation can be done in rendering.

But, I think, most renders now ignore them and simply render all of them 
the same. And, I think, that will continue for quite some time.

If a render chose to distinguish between them then they can do so, they 
cannot distinguish between an embassy and a high commission if that 
information is not there.

They can combine Embassies and High Commission etc if that information 
is there.

You can see I favour keeping the longer diversified values.


I don't really care if the key diplomatic becomes a top level tag or not.

But the tag amenity=embassy is wrong ... so needs to be depreciated with 
something else, possibly the key diplomatic=* at the top level ...or 
amenity=diplomatic and then the sub tag diplomatic=*

Probably a vote on this subject alone is worthwhile.

Keeping it simple is a good thing.


Using the name values of amenity=embassy can work to determine what 
value the key diplomatic=* should have, provided the name/language has 
that information.


Tagging and mapping of the services offered .. I'd advise getting one 
thing done at a time, don't get distracted on the 'extras'.

Add this on that large 'todo list'  :)

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