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Also in developing countries in Africa some houses would be "connected" to
an electricity distribution network (thus having an electric wire from the
exterior entering the house), and some would have their individual (per
building) source such as a small generator somewhere in the building itself
or solar panels on the roof.

And we would like to have a way to distinguish:
- those who are connected to a distribution network of electricity
- those who use individual power source for the building
(generator/windmill/solar panel...)
- those who have no electricity at all

The original ideau was just that simple. And it's all verifiable on the
ground with a simple survey (and we will do it). But it's worth debating
about other possible details related while we're at it, omitting what's
becoming complicated due to varying conditions across the countries.

Le sam. 1 sept. 2018 1:53 AM, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com> a écrit :

> On 01/09/18 07:51, Graeme Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Going back to the original suggestion, wouldn't it be much simpler just to
> say this house / building has power connected / available: electricity =
> yes / no? :-)
> Could this actually be set up as a country default?
> eg in Australia, UK, Western Europe, US "most" buildings will have mains
> power of one type or another connected, while in less developed countries
> eg a lot of Africa, "most" buildings wouldn't?
> If the requirement is for an indication that electricity is connected ..
> then that should be easy to verify and map.
> electricity:connected=yes/no  would be a good tag. It does not lend itself
> to tagging other things, and is clear in meaning. I supose some will tag
> electricity:connected=yes/no/single_phase/three_phase and possibly other
> things .. I would discourage that.
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