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On 03/09/18 10:05, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
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>>> Just one question though: for the wiki page of this do I put "draft" 
>>> or "proposed" or "de facto" or "in use" for the status?
>> I would not put a status on it.
>> It is not a draft, proposed nor approved.
>> It has no use at the moment, and it is certainly not de facto.
> if you want to introduce an (also almost) unused tag to the wiki you 
> should create a proposal, it is the established way. You can set the 
> status to draft while you work on it, then formally ask for comments 
> here, it should be all explained there:
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposal_process
That is one way.
It is not compulsory to do that.
You can simply start to use the tag AND document its use.
The problem with tags that have some use but no documentation is that no 
one really knows what was intended. e.g. landuse=clearing.
I have tried to contact the people that used this tag -- no response.

Things like the key shop have been introduced without going through a 
proposal process.
If you don't want to go through the proposal process .. then don't.

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