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On 03/09/18 10:25, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
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>> "In the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and_Signals 
>> <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/en:Vienna_Convention_on_Road_Signs_and_Signals> 
>> the symbol that depicts a (passenger) car 
>> <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/en:Passenger_car> -either from the 
>> front or the side- is also used to describe the wider category of 
>> vehicles, as in most countries that follow the Vienna Convention. A 
>> separate sign that prohibits use especially for passenger cars is not 
>> included in the Vienna Convention and is also absent in the 
>> legislation of most joining European countries (absent in 19 of the 
>> 20 countries
> the access classes are used for many different things, not just access 
> to roads and not just specific restrictions with *=no, there can also 
> be exclusive restrictions (e.g. nobody except motorcars, so to exclude 
> motorcycles, hgv, bikes, etc. in one go) where motorcar=yes is used.

Looks like the changes were made in April by Multimodall.

As I say .. not a tag I use. My usual things exclude all motor vehicles 
.. so I don't have that problem.

How many cases are there where cars only are evident? i.e. where hgv, 
trucks motorcycles, side-cars, tractors and mopeds are not effected?
While they may exist in the data base .. are they not really motor_vehicle?
I don't know.. will have a look locally
Ok .. they all look like they should be motor_vehicle not motorcar!!!
Thanks .. I'll change all these here to motor_vehicle.

Perhaps the wiki page for motorcar should suggest the use of motor_vehicle.
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