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On Mon, Sep 3, 2018 at 1:31 AM, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com> wrote:

The land is not used by/for  'meadow'.
> It is used to produce animal_fodder .. so landuse=animal_fodder would be a
> better term.

That depends if you view landuse as specifying a "for a" relationship or an
"is a" relationship or can specify either.

In favour of "for a": landuse=forestry (except it ended up being named
landuse=forest).  The land is used FOR

In favour of "is a": landuse=quarry.  The land IS a quarry.

It seems to me that enforcing "for a" relationships would mean deprecating
landuse=quarry for landuse=roof
(when the quarry was for slate, and the primary use of that slate was
roofing), landuse=doorstep (slate quarry
used for doorsteps - common in parts of Wales), landuse=roof;doorstep,
etc.  Then landuse=road when it's
a quarry for aggregate.  And landuse=fire when it's an opencast coal mine.
Doesn't seem to work very well if
we enforce "for a" relationships for all landuse.

Maybe quarry was a bad example.  How about landuse=allotments?  That would
have to be landuse=gardening,
because it's not land that has allotments on it but land that is used for
gardening.  Landuse=cemetary has to
become landuse=dead_bodies, because it is for dead bodies.  Landuse=garages
- the land isn't used by
garages, it's used by people parking cars, so landuse=cars or

I conclude that your 'the land is not used by/for "meadow"', if applied
generally, would be unworkable.  I am
therefore happy that landuse=meadow means that the land IS a meadow in the
same way that landuse=quarry
means that the land IS a quarry.

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