[Tagging] Coastline for rivers, estuaries and mangroves?

Christoph Hormann osm at imagico.de
Mon Sep 3 21:08:26 UTC 2018

On Monday 03 September 2018, Colin Smale wrote:
> > This is essentially the situation we have right now.  Judgement of
> > local mappers is usually fine (with the exception of political
> > cases like the Rio de la Plata).  Most problems occur because
> > armchair mappers misinterpret the local situation or when
> > inexperienced mappers are unaware of the significance of
> > distinguishing between ocean and riverbank mapping.
> What guidance do we give to the local mappers?

What is currently written on the wiki which includes the proposal which 
is linked to from the coastline documentation.

> Given a properly formulated rule-of-thumb, why should remote armchair
> mappers come to a different conclusion to local mappers in this case?

As said this is mostly due to misinterpreting imagery.

Christoph Hormann

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