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When I tag the access to a way reading the meaning of the traffic sign I
miss some specific conditions. I know I can do it at general times with key
access, but in specific cases access is so "small for me". There are also
conditional tags but with these two keys I don't arrive to cover local
meanings and situations of restriction to some vehicles (example, you have
a living street, which is only allowed for the LOCAL bus line, nor the
other buses. So you can't tag it with bus=yes or bus=designated within the
complete meaning of the restriction given you by the traffic sign.

For these situations I propose to "flip" designated value and convert it to
a subkey. In that way you would have an escalable subkey that you can
complete with the specific information of that tag. This key will be
together with the combination access=designated so you can complete the
information of the specific designation


designated=Mo-Fr 9:00-9:30
designated:en=schoolars only
designated:ca=Nom├ęs escoles
designated:es=Solo escuelas

This also applies for other uses like some restrictions done by "marks"
(Example: in a industrial zone you have some private ways...but private of
who? In the reality you will have a traffic sign it says you who can pass
or who cannot)
With normal access scheme you would say...repsol_workers=yes but Would it
better if I can specify the "specific designation" ?

designated=Repsol workers

hey! but you have access tags yes/no to do that! ...And the software has to
guess which of the 32 keys with yes=no is for access . For general purposes
it's ok. But for an specific case the software can read this designated

What do you think?
Salut i accessos designats (Health and designated access)
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