[Tagging] Slow vehicle turnouts

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Wed Sep 12 16:47:18 UTC 2018

> Again, I emphasize, this is not a crawler lane or a hill climbing lane. It
> is a lane into which one pulls over to allow faster moving traffic to pass.
> In fact, Alaskan law demands that any vehicle being followed by 5 vehicles
> must, at the first opportunity, allow those vehicles to pass. I doubt
> anyone has ever been ticketed for this offense but nevertheless, the law
> exists. Alaskan highways also have hill climbing lanes that are signed
> "keep right except to pass". Those lanes are not the same as this one.

Sorry, didn't get that this is not climbing lane (my fault).   In New
England, extra lanes that one would associate with "slow vehicle" are
99% on hills.

> Perhaps "slow_moving" isn't the best term for this sort of highway turnout
> but it does the job.

You say "turnout".  But physically, is it just an additional lane that
appears, and (more or less) one is obligated to move right one lane into
it if you're in the way?

Do any routers do anything?  An example of how the data would be used,
or how you think it would be used in an ideal future might be
illuminaing.   Perhaps one's car computer could notice from forward
radar that there is obstructing traffic and query osmand and give you a
notification that the road becomes multilane in some distance, so you
can get ready to blink to get the obstructor to move over if they stay
left?   In that case, I wonder about the difference between a change to
two lanes (perhaps because the row is wide enough and the long-term plan
is 2) and a specific place like you describe.
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