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> I speak with a couple of people on other forums, one who manages the
> stores in some of these communities in the Northern Territory & Western
> Australia, & the other was Head Nurse in a local hospital, so I'll bounce
> the question of them & report back.

The question that I posed:

"What language/s are spoken in all the various communities?

Primarily English / "Pidgin" (not sure if that's the right word for it) but
their own "nations" language as well, the other way round or what ?

& will this change, community to community "

Responses from the people concerned

"The language does change from locations such as the desert locations and
here in Arnhem land. Interesting when we were in Peppimenarti, they spoke
their language but with a mixture of English words and we could understsnd

Around Arnhem land the lauguage is pretty much the same being Yolngu
people. I think most indigenous would be able to understand most locations
though with a few meanings that may be different.

Here at xxxxxxxxx they will chat in their own language and I normally walk
past, joke and say what did you call me and they would just laugh."


"Most Indigenous Australians learn English at school these days and speak
their language at home and to each other when they're out and about. Some
larger cities have ESL classes as well.

The map in the link below was the screensaver on all of the monitors at my
previous workplace. There's a bit of information in there, too, which you
may find interesting. :)

They also provided links to
https://aiatsis.gov.au/explore/articles/aiatsis-map-indigenous-australia, &
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_Aboriginal_languages, which
shows the sort of task you'd have in front of you! :-)


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