[Tagging] landuse for government offices ?

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> Hello,
> The "landuse=commercial" page [1] says "area may consists of offices,
> administration", whereas the "landuse" page [2] says "Government services
> and businesses should not use this tag".
> How to tag a piece of land where governmental several office buildings are
> situated ?
> My choice is landuse=public or landuse=government. Neither are listed on
the wiki page {1]. landuse=public has been used 300 times and with other
extensions to public like public_administration it has over 400 uses.
landuse=government and other extensions have been used 177 times.
Government facilities, at least in the US, comprise a significant amount of
real estate. They should be separated as such.

A tagging scheme could include landuse=public + public=admin_level_2 -
admin_level_10 (to normalize terms between countries)

Either fit in with other landuse times, like religious, military, school,
etc. (It doesn't fit with landuse=grass - but lets stay off that mess)

They may not render, but that just a rendering decision.


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