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> > An example of an interstate I would call trunk would be I 70 between I
> 68 and I 76, given that those two are the two closest junctions.  Motorways
> should terminate at an interchange with another motorway, not an at-grade
> intersection…
> A number of freeways in California would fail that test. Off the top of my
> head, I-280 terminating onto King Street in San Francisco [1]. US-101
> terminating on to Market [2] (actually 101 peels off a bit earlier to go up
> Van Ness). California 55 in Costa Mesa [3]. The western terminus of I-10 in
> Santa Monica [4]. I am sure there are a lot more those are just the few
> that I am familiar with that come to mind.

I 19 in Arizona south of Grand Avenue (AZ 82? going from memory here) as
well...terminates in a traffic light followed immediately by the Mexican
border.  Along the same lines, I 5 south of I 805 (border crossing,
abruptly dumps on to...either a huge boulevard or a trunk if memory serves)
and I 5 north of WA 543 (closed to trucks, left-side bike lanes added (and
thus bicycle traffic merging across the entire carriageway), goes into a
park, then hits a border crossing; mirrored on the other side with BC 99
south of 8 Ave in White Rock BC).  Let's face it, in practice, there's no
such thing as something we recognize as a freeway that crosses an
international border with the continental US since early last decade when
the borders closed to Canada, and it's unlikely anything like that will
exist until the borders reopen.  Tagging a motorway through these crossings
is aspirational at best.  (Also makes for some interesting flubs, like
Alberta Trunk 75 now connecting to I 29 instead of US 75, the old Trunk 75
is now an abandoned spur off Alberta 200 that meets *temporary barricade* that
seperates it from US 75 (which now functionally dead ends instead of
continuing into the abandoned Canadian Customs station; I don't recall the
US side even having a customs checkpoint).

I'm very strongly in favor of trunking these non-freeway Interstates, doing
so would enable data consumers to more precisely warn of a substantial
break from what people (rightfully) expect in a freeway.  Also reflects
real world scenario that, despite how overall as a network, how consistent
the Interstate system is, there are the occasional abrupt exceptions to
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