[Tagging] landuse for government offices ?

Andy Townsend ajt1047 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 06:25:39 UTC 2018

On 20/09/18 03:57, John Willis wrote:
> ... Retail is always wrong. Commercial is a crutch.

In your part of the world, perhaps.  Elsewhere, this isn't guaranteed to 
be the case.  Certainly here in the UK many formerly "civic" services 
have been privatised and are run for out-and-out commercial gain; others 
are run as commercial entities owned by the government or 
non-governmental third sector organisations.  What this means is that 
people will need to pick the landuse that works best for them in their 
local area - to say that something is "always wrong" is, in OSM, almost 
always wrong(!).

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