[Tagging] Stormwater outlet into stream

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>>> Thanks everyone. Apologies in advance for the long reply.
>>> @Graeme I see you tagged the node with
>>> man_made=drain_outlet+substance=rainwater. In your example it makes 
>>> sense
>>> to map the underground pipe because you know exactly where it is, 
>>> but I'd
>>> hate for these to start rendering in the future and bits of incomplete
>>> pipes (a few metres long) start showing up drawing over streets.
>>> The wiki for man_made=pipeline
>>> <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:man_made%3Dpipeline> says 
>>> it is
>>> meant for "major" pipelines, which these aren't really apply:
>>> By using pipeline are we abusing that tag? Dictionary.com's 
>>> definition of
>>> pipeline also indicates that a network of pipes isn't a pipeline. I too
>>> don't view the reticulated water network of pipes a pipeline, 
>>> however there
>>> would generally be a pipeline going from a water treatment plant to 
>>> a water
>>> reservoir/storage tank; and in the same way the network of sewerage 
>>> drains
>>> aren't a pipeline, but you could have a pressurised or gravity 
>>> pipeline to
>>> move sewage to a treatment plant.
>>> Mark's suggestion to use man_made=sewer didn't sound right to me 
>>> because I
>>> always view sewers as for wastewater which must go to a treatment plant
>>> before entering waterways. Dictionary.com seems to agree, the values 
>>> for
>>> manhole=* <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:manhole> also 
>>> agree, this
>>> OSM tagging proposal also agrees
>>> <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Utility_Schema>,
>>> however Wikipedia seems to indicate some people refer to stormwater 
>>> drains
>>> as sewers too, this might be a location thing because I found some
>>> indication that some cities have a combined waste and rain water drain
>>> (these obviously won't directly connect to a waterway).
>>> substance=rainwater;sewage works though.
>>> [...]
>> FWIW, I worked in the highway construction business for 14 years in 
>> the US.  In the industry terminology where I was, a "pipeline" 
>> carrying wastewater to a treatment plant was termed a sanitary sewer, 
>> and a pipeline carrying stormwater (rainwater) was called a storm sewer.
> Humm.. I have always take 'sewer' to mean grey water.
> The uk Cambridge Dictionary agrees with me.
> The uk Oxford Dictionary agrees with you, and give a reference backwards.
> I'll have to do some more digging (err pun).  In general I go with the 
> Oxford Dictionary.

Ok .. thinking on it, if the word 'sewer' is confusing for 'native' 
English speakers (and dictionaries) it may be best avoided within OSM.
So what word/s to use?
I would think storm_water and waste_water or stormwater and wastewater 
might be reasonable values? However that does not name the pipe function.

Perhaps man_made=pipe would do? Then subtags for diameter, substance, 
pressure etc.

A problem with man_made=pipeline is the description 'major' ... in what 
terms is it 'major'?

Where waste and storm water is combined then only the worst term should 
be used.

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