[Tagging] Stormwater outlet into stream

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> Le ven. 21 sept. 2018 à 09:17, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com> a écrit :
>> Ok .. thinking on it, if the word 'sewer' is confusing for 'native'
>> English speakers (and dictionaries) it may be best avoided within OSM.
>> So what word/s to use?
>> I would think storm_water and waste_water or stormwater and wastewater
>> might be reasonable values? However that does not name the pipe function.
>> Perhaps man_made=pipe would do? Then subtags for diameter, substance,
>> pressure etc.
> We already have man_made=pipeline
> It is only the nutshell, how the conduit is actually built, not what's
> going inside. Substance=water is recommended and useful but not enough to
> qualify the flow.
> A pipeline may be opposed to tunnel. In the current situation it's
> certainly a pipeline and not a tunnel.

I don't think "pipeline" is appropriate here.  My reasoning is the same 
that Martin Koppenhoefer expressed recently in another thread titled 
"Landuse for government offices?"  He said, "A lot of people have an 
adversity to making up new tags and prefer using established tags even 
if the meaning is not fitting perfectly for the thing they map, but this 
is harmful because it devalues/blurs the meaning of the established 
tag."  I think that fits here.  What I
  mean is, I think most people think of a pipeline as being 
pressurized.  If you include something under this heading that is not 
pressurized, I think it blurs the meaning of the tag "pipeline".  I 
think in this case a different tag is warranted.  If "sewer" is 
confusing, I like Warin's suggestion of man_made=pipe.


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