[Tagging] Draft Proposal: Default Langauge Format

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Sep 26 13:22:37 UTC 2018


On 26.09.2018 12:00, Christoph Hormann wrote:
> But the good news is that both the proposal of Joseph and my suggestion 
> would allow a simple an reliable fallback to the current tagging scheme 
> so once most data users are capable of interpreting the new scheme you 
> could smoothly convert the tagging feature by feature without  
> duplication and without a negative effect on usability.
> The big problem of this approach however is that you would need to 
> convince data users to implement interpretation of a new tagging system 
> up-front without the database containing significant amounts of data 
> where this would be useful for.  This is not just buying the cat in a 
> sac, it is like building a home for the cat without having seen it yet.

Isn't it so that the new system adds zero usefulness to countries or
areas which have and use just one language, but is useful in regions
that have more than one? Hence, why roll it out in, say, most parts of
Germany *at all*, and just stick to parts where several languages are used?


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