[Tagging] Tagging a named river bend

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 10:21:59 UTC 2018

I agree that a node is best, because it is  debatable where a river bend
starts and ends, but it is easy to put a node at the center.

To confirm, this name is for the section of river, not for the semi-circle
of land inside of the bend?

I agree that a separate tag is needed, as you said, because this is not the
name of a river. It’s analogous to a bay in a lake or sea.

Did you try searching taginfo? Has anyone been using waterway=bend or
natural=bend, or something similar?


On Thu, Sep 27, 2018 at 7:00 PM Dave Swarthout <daveswarthout at gmail.com>

> I'm working on adding islands and other features in the Tanana River in
> Alaska. There are many named sloughs (side channels), islands and in some
> areas curves or bends that have a name. In my example there is a large bend
> in the river that has its own name, Harper Bend. I'm looking for a way to
> tag that section so that the name is findable. It would be nice but not
> imperative if that name would display on the OSM slippy map and
> incidentally, on my GPSr.
> If I break the river at both ends of the curve, I could add the name to
> the section between the breaks but that doesn't seem right because the
> river's name isn't changing. Another much more complicated solution would
> be to break the riverbank into sections and add a name to the one that
> encompasses the bend.
> I don't know why I didn't ask here first but I raised this question on the
> OSM Help forum and one answer was to use a node. But if one goes that way,
> I reckon a new tag would be needed. So let's begin our discussion with
> that. Given that it's important to me to describe our mapped objects as
> completely as possible, I want a method to tag such a bend.
> Suggestions? Opinions?
> Best,
> Dave
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