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> Is there an established tag for that?

I am not aware of established tagging, but would like to add that there are all kind of buildings that can be prefabricated, e.g. „famous“ German example: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/84/1._WBS_70_Block_%281%29.JPG/1200px-1._WBS_70_Block_%281%29.JPG

And there are various levels of prefabrication, e.g. for a concrete structure you could just have the lower parts of the ceiling in concrete delivered and then add the formwork around it as well as the rest of the steel, and pour the concrete to finish (i.e. ceiling is semi prefabricated and completed on site), or similarly with walls (place a thin “sheet” of concrete at the sides instead of formwork and fill it up).
You can also have complete walls and ceilings, and you can even have complete rooms that get delivered and mounted at the site (even including installations and finishes).
With some material it is common to have parts prefabricated, e.g. steel and sometimes wood, not just concrete, and other parts like a facade in metal and glass also consist usually of prefabricated parts (you’re not gonna cut glass on site typically).

Using prefabricated parts is standard in today’s building practice, but not sufficient to call a building prefabricated.

A simple property like prefabricated=yes does not catch it. We should define what grade of prefabrication and which part (structure, ceilings, bath rooms, etc) and most important, which material (concrete, steel, etc.).


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