[Tagging] Tagging shared campuses: landuse=school?

Jeroen Hoek mail at jeroenhoek.nl
Thu Apr 4 14:11:19 UTC 2019

On 04-04-19 15:41, Florian Lohoff wrote:
> Schools have forever been landuse=residential as schools belong to 
> residential areas.

This is not always the case, especially in cases where schools share a
common campus.

> Introducing yet another special landuse is just more confusing and it
> does not fix a single issue.

It fixes the issue documented by the original proposal, extended with
the issue I've described (higher education institutes sharing a campus).

> When schools share campus make it a large amenity=school area
> without any name and amenity=school + name nodes for the schools.

But the area itself is often named, and signposted as such (see the
French example in the OP mail).

To be clear: most mappers won't have to use these tags. They are implied
for the common case of one school, one school grounds. This is similar
to how amenity=place_of_worship/landuse=religuous works.

This proposal also co-opts existing tags rather than creating new one.
Does that assuage your concern for landuse=confusion?

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