[Tagging] What is the role of "role=guidepost"

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Sat Apr 13 23:03:28 UTC 2019

On 14/04/19 08:37, Peter Elderson wrote:
> Loose guidepost nodes are a nuisance when processing route relations 
> by hand or by software. On the other hand, you might argue that most 
> routes are nothing else than imaginary lines between guideposts.
> But I would say, practically, guideposts do not need to be in the 
> route relation. If a guidepost is part of a route, it is also part of 
> a way so the point location is already in there. No need to add it again.

A way can be used by several routes. The guidepost may only point or 
confirm one of those routes. Unless it is in the route relation it 
cannot be assumed to be part of that route.

> You could simply take an existing node or add one on the existing way, 
> add some tags to it, if you want to enable special rendering or 
> processing. If it's not on a way, it's also not part of a route. It 
> just happens to be near.

How close to the way does a node have to be to be considered as "on a 
way" ??
Usually a guide post is not centred in the way but off to one side so it 
can be mapped as a separate node that is not connected to the way, this 
provides more information and maps the truth compared to simply placing 
the node on the way.

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> Op za 13 apr. 2019 om 20:52 schreef Martin Koppenhoefer 
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>     > On 13. Apr 2019, at 12:06, Volker Schmidt <voschix at gmail.com
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>     > But your example is different. You put the function into the
>     name field. For me the role of an object tagged
>     information=guidepost is exactly that, a guidepost.  I am sure I
>     am missing something, otherwise it would not have 50k uses.
>     I guess people are putting the guideposts into the relations
>     because they feel they belong to the route, and they add the role
>     so it becomes evident in the relation editor why there are node
>     members.
>     It doesn’t seem to create problems, but it also doesn’t seem to
>     add anything (provided there would not be objects acting as
>     guideposts that aren’t guideposts)
>     Cheers, Martin
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