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Sun Apr 14 07:51:58 UTC 2019

In Hungary, market auctions do not exist. Instead you go to the
livestock market, purchase some chicks, then go to the producers'
market to grab some grain for them. Many markets are open to a little
haggling, though.

We de have online auctions and also some official ones related to
liquidation or taxation for example, but vehicles and machinery are
much more common to pop up on these than livestock, and they are not a
permanent feature anyway.

What ratio of livestock purchases are executed through auctions in the
USA? If not a majority, I'd recommend we stay with amenity=marketplace
and introduce a new tag for auction=yes (or specify the kind of
auction here). This is also assuming that livestock markets commonly
have the word "market" in their name. Can you always take home the
livestock you have purchased, or are these organized at distant
auction houses, having the goods transported later on to the winner?
Maybe we need to come up with a tag for this as well (delivery=only?).

If livestock auctions are the norm there, we may introduce a new tag
for this, though shop=auction + auction=livestock isn't that far off
in this case. What else is commonly auctioned there? Is it common for
agricultural supplies as well, like pesticide, fertilizer, seed, tools
or machinery?


On Sun, Apr 14, 2019 at 5:35 AM Joseph Eisenberg
<joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com> wrote:
> I saw that proposal, but it seems to be discussing auction houses that
> sell goods from estates, or collectibles, rather than a commodity
> auction.
> For a livestock auction, I would suggest using amenity=auction or
> amenity=auction_house with auction=livestock.
> But there do seem to be some marketplaces where livestock is sold via
> general negotiation in Asia, eg. here in Indonesia we had a
> marketplace called "Pasar Sapi" or "Cattle Market" which mainly sold
> fruits and vegetables, but occasionally had cattle or goats for sale.
> And the marketplace in my town here in New Guinea always has pigs and
> chickens for sale (live), price negotiable but not auctioned.
> If there are cases like this, amenity=marketplace +
> marketplace=livestock could work (assuming it is primarily a livestock
> market).
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