[Tagging] tags for a live stock sale yard

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Sun Apr 14 03:34:08 UTC 2019

I saw that proposal, but it seems to be discussing auction houses that
sell goods from estates, or collectibles, rather than a commodity

For a livestock auction, I would suggest using amenity=auction or
amenity=auction_house with auction=livestock.

But there do seem to be some marketplaces where livestock is sold via
general negotiation in Asia, eg. here in Indonesia we had a
marketplace called "Pasar Sapi" or "Cattle Market" which mainly sold
fruits and vegetables, but occasionally had cattle or goats for sale.
And the marketplace in my town here in New Guinea always has pigs and
chickens for sale (live), price negotiable but not auctioned.

If there are cases like this, amenity=marketplace +
marketplace=livestock could work (assuming it is primarily a livestock

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