[Tagging] Avoid using place=locality - find more specific tags instead

Mark Wagner mark+osm at carnildo.com
Wed Apr 17 18:33:10 UTC 2019

On Wed, 17 Apr 2019 11:19:52 +0900
Joseph Eisenberg <joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have reviewed all the features tagged as place=locality in 2 places
> in the USA and 2 in Europe, and found that 3 out of 4, place=locality
> is usually used for features that could be tagged with a more specific
> tag.


> Out of the remaining 47 nodes, several have names that suggest they
> should have other tags:
> - 8 are named “* Beach” (=> natural=beach)
> - 2 “* Point” (natural=cape or natural=peninsula)
> - 2 road junctions: “Four Corners” and “Old Saddle Road Junction”
> (highway=junction)
> - 1 may be a lake (“Green Lake”) (natural=water water=lake)

I checked the local situation, and found the following:

Spring Valley: is it a valley?  No, it's a former rural railway stop.
Hutton Settlement: is it a hamlet?  No, it's an orphanage.
Hazelwood: is it a forest?  No, it's a former hamlet.
Ohio Junction: Is it a highway junction?  No, it's where the
century-abandoned Ohio Match railway line met what is now the Union
Pacific railway line.

My point is that you can't tell what sort of thing something is from
its name (or worse, from a translation of its name).


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