[Tagging] diaper subkey for wheelchair toilets including a changing table

Michael Brandtner brandtner_michael at yahoo.de
Fri Apr 19 21:18:45 UTC 2019

I’m not a native speaker but I don’t think there will be any confusion when using changing_table. I don’t know of any changing tables for adults outside of nursing homes. In case of need we can add changing_table:for=adults.

Am Freitag, April 19, 2019, 11:06 PM schrieb marc marc <marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com>:

I encourage you to make a proposal if you want.

in reality the problem #1 is that some members of the community are very 
cautious when there is a 1:1 change proposal to replace a bad 
"not-low-usage" key with a new better key, including those who have 
never filled one of this object in osm nor used the data about this 
object :(
Maybe your proposal will pass sucess due it is changing one key
with several others.

the problem of existing applications (there are only 4 reported on 
taginfo) is not a problem. it is possible to ask it to support the 2 
keys for 1 month and to make a mass edition in the middle of the month. 
but here again the problem is the timidity of some members

the small question that remains, should the key be called 
baby_changing_table or changing_table? some people talked
about adult tables (I have a little trouble imagining an adult
on a table). that could avoid confusion

Le 19.04.19 à 22:46, Valor Naram a écrit :
> You (Warin) and marc marc made some suggestions on how to improve this 
> key. I also found a workaround for the problem of
>  > [r]eplacing the key `diaper` with `changing_table` [or some other key 
> or by any other changings how to tag changing tables] without or with 
> the consens of the others of the community would hurt apps like AndOSM 
> and other platforms working with the `diaper` key e.g. Babykarte.
> I will write a proposal or should I first discuss my ideas with you instead?
> Cheers
> Sören alias Valor Naram
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>    On 19/04/19 05:21, Paul Allen wrote:
>>    On Thu, 18 Apr 2019 at 19:54, Valor Naram <valinora at gmx.net
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>>        https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposal_process#Proposal_list
>>        guided me to you. I have the following situation: I want to tag a
>>        changing table but this changing table is in the toilet room for
>>        wheelchair users. The page at
>>        https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:d
>>        iaper states tagging for changing tables is just available in
>>        toilets
>>        for women,-men and unisex but not in toilets for wheelchair users.
>>    At first glance I thought you wanted to tag places where people in
>>    wheelchairs
>>    could change their own diapers.  Then I checked with the wiki page and
>>    realized what you mean.
>>    And then I realized diaper=* is not a good idea for a key.  In
>>    British English we call
>>    them nappies (singular nappy), not diapers.   And what the toilet
>>    has is not a supply
>>    of nappies (diapers) but a CHANGING TABLE.  Which is what you
>>    described it as,
>>    because that's what it is.  And had the key been
>>    nappy_changing_table instead of diaper
>>    I wouldn't have (briefly) misunderstood what you wanted to tag (a
>>    changing table in
>>    a toilet for wheelchair users, not a place where wheelchair users
>>    can change their
>>    own nappy).
>    +1 ... change table!
>    Wheelies (wheelchair users) also use catheters with bags. Much
>    easier to deal with compared to a diaper.
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