[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Baby changing table

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 21 21:55:39 UTC 2019


> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/baby_changing_tables

First of all, thank you for writing the proposal.

however I wonder if it's useful to promote changing_table:height
is there really any use for this tag ? I didn't find this kind of 
information in the current diaper=* key
of course we can always list every possible and imaginable combination 
(color, material, room lighting, width, presence of straps) but I think 
it is useful to encourage people to fill usefull/used information 
instead of asking then to fill a lot of informations not used.

same thing for the description key, I can't imagine when it's useful to 
describe the table with words so I find it not very useful to promote it

I also ask where a changing_table:access=private or =no may be usefull
I think the reasoning used for toilets should also apply to equipment 
such as a changing_table: if it is totally private, such as the changing 
table in your home bathroom, it is not necessary to add in osm.
nothing obviously prevents someone from mapping his house in osm,
but I don't find it useful to promote it on every page of any equipment 
that may exist at home.

even access=permissive seems strange to me for this kind of equipment,
I don't know of any law instituting a right to the changing table, so 
all those who are access=yes are access=permissive because their
owner has the right to change their mind without asking someone else

if the purpose is to change the key diaper=room to diaper=yes + 
diaper:location=dedicated_room I think this value is an too precise 
assumption. the few changing tables I met in a room separate from the 
toilets were not in a dedicated room. it was often in the room with
the sinks, the entrance hall of the different toilets or in a 
multi-purpose room.

"Rendered as: hidden" can also be deleted in my opinion. each style 
chooses or not what it wants to display, the only useful thing could be 
to find an icon. but considering the so little style that displays 
diaper=* it is probably not to be expected that many style 'll display 
the new key

since this proposal is to replace an existing key, it is useful
to make a short list of current usage and their new key/value

don't be afraid of the suggestion list, they are only suggestions to 
discuss in order to try to make the proposal as useful as possible.


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